Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Age, Movies, Euphoria, and Parents

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Most people know Kaylee Stoermer Coleman as the half-sister of Zendeya. She is a famous young celebrity child from the United States. Zenday, Kaylee’s sister, is a well-known American producer, singer, actor, model, and well-known Spiderman actress. She is well known for being the youngest child of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman.

We’ll discuss some interesting facts about Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s life today, including stuff you probably needed to learn about his age, family, job, sister, and siblings.

Who is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman?

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is the half-sister of Zendaya, a well-known American celebrity. Several famous family members also became well-known online, like his brother Julien Stoermer Coleman.

Who is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman?- zendaya's sibling
image credit: Zendaya & Getty Images

Kaylee attracted a lot of attention which helped her become well-liked on social media.

She will turn 19 in 2023, and her birthday will fall on October 4 each year. To learn more about her, scroll down and read the whole thing. I’ll go over her full bio right now.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Age

She is 18 years and 5 months old. Being a celebrity kid, she gets so much attention via media and news. Kaylee was born in Oakland, California, on October 4, 2003. When it comes to her biological parents, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is her father, and Claire Stoermer is her stepmother.

Few people know Kaylee’s father’s fame as an American star. He is known for being his daughter Zendaya’s full-time manager and bodyguard. He is of African American origin. He consistently encouraged his daughters to pursue their goals.

Kaylee’s stepmother is a Fruitville elementary school teacher. Also, she was a residence manager at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Wiki, bio, Real name, and profession

This section will include her real name, ethnicity, and marital status. Many fascinating details about her have already been revealed, but you can read more about Julien and her siblings below.

Real Name: Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

Profession: Upcoming Actress

Birth Date: October 4, 2003

Age (as of 2022): 18 years old

Birthplace: Oakland, California, United States

Current Residence: California, United States

Height (Approx): 4 ft 6 inches

Weight (Approx): 45 Kg

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity: African – American 

Religion: Christian

Net Worth: (Estimated) $50K

Education/Degree: Ongoing Study

University: Oakland University

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Mother’s name: Claire Stoermer

Father’s name: Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Siblings: Zendaya, Austin Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman and AnnaBella Stoermer Colema.

Relationship status: Single

Movies: Update soon

Shows: Update soon

kaylee stoermer Coleman parents

The parents of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman are Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, the father, and Claire Stoermer, the mother. Her parents have been her biggest supporters ever since she was born on October 4, 2003, in Oakland, California.

kaylee’s Mom, Claire Stoermer

Claire is Kaylee’s mother and a school teacher as well. Claire always had greater regard for school as a result. She used to look up to her mother as a role model when she was young since she was so passionate about helping people.

Zendya, Kaylee’s sister, reported that As a child, she observed my mother working in underfunded inner-city schools in the center of Oakland, California. My mother went above and beyond, working tirelessly to show her students the value of an education that may help them improve their lives significantly.

kaylee’s Dad, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Kazembe, a teacher like Claire, most recently worked as Kaylee’s younger sister’s ( Zendaya ) manager. Her father conveyed to her daughters the value of taking their studies seriously.

As the youngest child in a large family, Zendaya revealed that her father is quite protective of her when it comes to her romantic life. Zendaya revealed in 2016 that her father would investigate any man who even considered dating her.

“If I chose to have my dad around to ensure dad vets them out and makes sure they are cool, they better go through dad first!” Added she.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s siblings

Let’s discuss the family life of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. Her half-sister Zedaya, 25, has two elder brothers and three older sisters from her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s first marriage before he met her mother, Claire Stoermer. Zendaya has many nieces and nephews because she is the youngest of the siblings. Continue reading to learn more about the star of Euphoria’s family.

Austin Stoermer Coleman

Austin Stoermer Coleman is Kaylee’s older sibling. He is allegedly also an actor. However, it is difficult to confirm this since he doesn’t have any open social media accounts. Also, he maintains his privacy in his personal life, making it difficult to say more. Yet, he is regarded as one of her family’s best friends.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman

Zendaya, Kaylee’s sibling, has previously admired her elder sisters. In an interview with Time in 2015, she said, “I look up to my big sister and understand the influence she’s had on me and making me a better person.”

As I became older, I understood how crucial having a large, supportive family is. Her adorable nieces and nephews and her immediate family provide a solid foundation for her.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman

American woman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman gained public attention for being Zendaya’s half-sister, a well-known American actress. Annabel is one of those people who gained notoriety because of a blood or family connection to another well-known individual. Zendaya, her half-sister, became a well-known actress in 2017 thanks to the superhero movie.

Julien Stoermer Coleman

Julien is Zendaya’s brother’s name. He doesn’t have a public Instagram page like his siblings; therefore, virtually little is known about him. However, we have written a dedicated article on Julien Stoermer Coleman.

Zendaya Stoermer Coleman

After the most recent announcement of the Emmy nominations, Zendaya is the buzz of Hollywood. The 25-year-old actress became the youngest-ever two-time acting candidate in the category for her depiction of troubled teen Rue in Euphoria, which earned her the nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. Two brothers and three sisters older than Zendaya.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s Euphoria

We’ve already talked about Zenday, the Euphoria actress’s parents, and one of her older siblings, Kaylee.

But, there will soon be more Euphoria drama. Season 3 of Euphoria is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2023. However, no filming has yet begun.

Given how popular Euphoria has become on HBO, it’s hardly surprising that season 3 of the program was soon approved. Euphoria is the show of the decade that received the most tweets and is a rating powerhouse.

kaylee stoermer coleman movies

As we’ve already stated, she is a well-known little celebrity girl from the United States. Kaylee’s sister is the famous American producer, singer, actor, model, and Spiderman actress Zenday. The famous child is focusing on her education while still enrolled in school.

kaylee stoermer coleman Net Worth

She is financially reliant on her parents and has yet to start a professional career. Because she hasn’t done any acting in films or television shows, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s movies haven’t been released yet. But if we estimated her net worth then it may be $50K.

kaylee stoermer coleman Instagram

Kaylee’s official Instagram handle is not available. She is a child who is currently pursuing her studies. She used to avoid being distracted by social media. You can, however, follow his famous sibling Zendaya on Instagram, which has over 171 million followers. She also posted family photos on Instagram.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this incredible story, and we covered nearly everything you need to know about Kaylee Stoermer Coleman and her family. I have provided all pertinent information about her siblings, as well as some facts about her most famous sibling, Zendaya.
Now we’ll go over some frequently asked questions so you can learn more about her and her family.


Does Zendaya have biological siblings?

Zendaya is her parents’ only biological child, but she has five older half-siblings, including her oldest brother, Julien Coleman.

Does Zendaya have a little sister?

Yes, Zenday has an 18-year-old sister named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman.

Does Zendaya have any younger siblings?

Yes, Zendaya has a younger sibling named Kaylee.

When was Kaylee Stoermer Coleman born?

She was born in Oakland, California on October 4, 2003.

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